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About all buildings and investing in Cyprus

One of the things that sets Dovec Group of Companies apart from other construction companies in Northern Cyprus is that it never creates two identical projects. Each building and gated complex are unique. This is important for every client who has invested in a Dovec Group property because the uniqueness of the building gives the price growth over time due to the lack of another similar property. At the same time, the interest is extremely high and when a client decides to sell his property for profit, it is very easy. In almost 100% of cases, Dovec Group of Companies sells all its properties while they are still under construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dovec Group of Companies build projects of all types. Large city buildings, villas, gated communities, near and on the beach.

No, the monthly property fee allows you to use everything.

Every property owner is registered in a mobile application of Dovec Group, through which he/she can monitor the whole process - when it is rented, when it is reserved, all income and expenses.

No, but Dovec Group offers you a complete furniture package with included electrical appliances at extremely low prices, as the furniture manufacturing company is part of the Dovec Group of Companies. Example, studio of 50 sq.m. fully furnished + electrical appliances, utensils and everything you need for the normal use of the property = 4500 GBP.