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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find what you are looking for on this page, contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Northern Cyprus is a non-EU area, which has become a huge bonus and a new perspective hub for buying and selling property abroad. One of the reasons for this is the low property tax - 1 sq.m. = BGN 0.35.

The country has an autonomous political governance. It has completely independent legislation, ie. Northern Cyprus is not part of the Republic of Turkey and Turkish laws do not apply. The government  is completely focused on prioritizing the development of the economy and transforming the country as one of the best destinations, both for tourism and for permanent residence for people from all over the world.

Rarely in the world can you find a safer and more peaceful place for a comfortable stay of citizens from different countries. According to official statistics, Northern Cyprus is the country with the lowest crime rate for countries with a population of up to 5 million.

No! Everyone is welcome.

Upon purchase of a property and getting an address registration, a residence permit is issued, which is renewed every year. The procedure takes 21 days.

For similar real estate in quality, space and location, differences in property prices of 400-500%, up to 1000%, have been found when compared to all other Mediterranean countries.

From an economic point of view, the annual growth in property value and the average annual rent are among the highest in Europe and the Middle East. But Northern Cyprus still has beautiful nature, warm climate, unique history and culture, hospitality and wonderful cuisine, an atmosphere that is a feast for the senses and an affordable standard. With all these features , Northern Cyprus is the choice of over 100,000 young people from around the world who receive their higher education on the island.

Dovec Group of Companies build projects of all types. Large city buildings, villas, gated communities, near and on the beach.

No, the monthly property fee allows you to use everything.

Every property owner is registered in a mobile application of Dovec Group, through which he/she can monitor the whole process - when it is rented, when it is reserved, all income and expenses.

No, but Dovec Group offers you a complete furniture package with included electrical appliances at extremely low prices, as the furniture manufacturing company is part of the Dovec Group of Companies. Example, studio of 50 sq.m. fully furnished + electrical appliances, utensils and everything you need for the normal use of the property = 4500 GBP.

Yes, management is offered in two options- with a fixed return and with a floating one depending on the specific option chosen by the client. You will receive detailed information about this in a comprehensive consultation.

They vary for different properties, but are in the range of 40-60 pounds per month.

No, the process is extremely comfortable. Candidate clients with passports from almost all over the world can easily and without any difficulties buy a property in Northern Cyprus.

The real estate market in Northern Cyprus is extremely growing and reliable. A large part of the deals are concluded for the purpose of speculative profit.

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