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Why invest in a property built by Dovec in Northern Cyprus

For people who invest in real estate, investing in Northern Cyprus is the best thing they would do for their own finances and the diversification of their cash flows. The return on the same capital is 3 to 5 times higher than in Bulgaria. Especially after getting acquainted in detail with the flexible methods and terms of payment and all the other details that one would get from us, for sure Northern Cyprus would become his favourite place for personal investment.

Another reason to invest in property on the island is Dovec Group of Companies - the most powerful construction company in the country, is building incredible projects on the best plots.

Growth of the property price.

At least 10% per year, result from the exceptional development of the country, its investments in the economy and tourism. Substantial input for this have the local construction companies.

Profitability from rent or resale.

The 9-month summer season guarantees 7-15% annual rental income on the value of the property. The real estate market in Northern Cyprus is very attractive for people looking for quick resales.

Long history and experience.

32 years of history. Over 170 completed projects. Hundreds of thousands of built square meters. Leading construction company with an impeccable reputation!

Current projects

These are part of the properties built by Dovec Group - the best quality for these prices!

For Partners Consulting and Dovec Group

Partners Consulting is an innovative consulting company, focused mainly on profitable investment, working for and in favor of its clients. In our portfolio of investment opportunities you will find extremely attractive properties in the Mediterranean, consulting for better management of your personal finances, comprehensive investment strategies. We partner with proven businesses that can generate a stable profit. Following our business policy, since February 2020 we are the exclusive representatives of Dovec Group for Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania.

Dovec Group of Companies is a company with a 32-year history. It started as a family business and over the years has developed into a huge holding company with over 400 employees, not including construction workers. The company is a legal entity of national importance, being one of the two largest taxpayers in the autonomous Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The structure of the Dovec Group includes subsidiaries with diverse activities, but well synchronized with each other.


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Feedback from satisfied customers

Hello, My name is Georgi Chesmedjiev. For two and a half years I have been working with the team of Partners Consulting on my investment strategies. With the help of the team I achieved incredible results, as well as the realization of some of my dreams. During the "Covid-19" crisis the results of our joint partnership helped me to overcome the hardship by eliminating the negatives which have fallen on us and thus maintaining our family standard of living. Do not hesitate, but go partner with "Partners Consulting Ltd.", they will help you make your dreams come true!

26 February 2021
Georgi Chesmedjiev

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Frequently Asked Questions

Northern Cyprus is a non-EU area, which has become a huge bonus and a new perspective hub for buying and selling property abroad. One of the reasons for this is the low property tax - 1 sq.m. = BGN 0.35.

The country has an autonomous political governance. It has completely independent legislation, ie. Northern Cyprus is not part of the Republic of Turkey and Turkish laws do not apply. The government  is completely focused on prioritizing the development of the economy and transforming the country as one of the best destinations, both for tourism and for permanent residence for people from all over the world.

Rarely in the world can you find a safer and more peaceful place for a comfortable stay of citizens from different countries. According to official statistics, Northern Cyprus is the country with the lowest crime rate for countries with a population of up to 5 million.

No! Everyone is welcome.

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