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Investment properties suitable for resale or rent, and if desired for personal use.

Properties for sale

A few words about our amazing investment properties in Northern Cyprus.

Our offers cover the needs of each client. In our portfolio, we have investment apartments of a Studio type, characterized by a high coefficient of profitability and a high degree of liquidity. We go through proposals for one-bedroom penthouses with a sense of individuality, characterized by a very good distribution of living space. They are extremely suitable for couples and families with up to two small children. We complete the palette of offers with the wonderful two-bedroom apartments, which give the feeling of their happy owners for a dream home on the Mediterranean.

Of course, for people with greater needs and abilities, we have exclusive offers for properties of a higher class or larger area. If you are interested in such, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, management is offered in two options- with a fixed return and with a floating one depending on the specific option chosen by the client. You will receive detailed information about this in a comprehensive consultation.

They vary for different properties, but are in the range of 40-60 pounds per month.

No, the process is extremely comfortable. Candidate clients with passports from almost all over the world can easily and without any difficulties buy a property in Northern Cyprus.

The real estate market in Northern Cyprus is extremely growing and reliable. A large part of the deals are concluded for the purpose of speculative profit.